General Studies Paper-III Summary and Quick Links


In Target 2016 programme, we have covered most Static part of Mains Paper-III and Prelims syllabus related to Economy, General Science and Environment parts are finished from our end. Below is the synopsis and quick links for accessing the documents provided.

GS Mains-3: Fundamental Study Material (For Prelims and Mains)

Mains Writing Practice Workbooks

Other Documents

Banking & Finance Awareness for Prelims

Pending work

The above documents would be provided after budget.


  • Sarvesh Chaturvedi

    Apart from these documents what all do we need to cover?yojna,kurukshetra ,editorials,etc..
    What will you be covering in your upcoming documents??
    Like will future documents take care of current economic related issues??current editorial??etcetc..
    Fir Gs portion I am completely relying on your documents..if anything extra which we need to cover please inform in advance.

  • Sarvesh Chaturvedi

    Also,sir please if you have finished some documents related with static portion like history ,geography …
    Please start releasing them…so that we could atleast finish some static portion.sir not hurry…but if done then please..

  • Gupta Honey

    thankyou GK today :)

  • himanshu bhusan palei

    Thank you sir . This is really nice .

  • Sugunakar A

    Are we not eligible to download GS manual 2014 compilations???

  • Ankur Singla

    Hi Sir
    I have a query.
    I have been hearing and reading in editorial for some time now that this govt. lacks direction in economy. Banking sector is in shambles. There is no definite path of policy direction and implementation.
    How do we come to such conclusions and what are the concrete symptoms that make us make such statements ?
    Could you reflect on this here or in some structured module so that we can apply those guiding parameters in future events as well?


      Hello Ankur, We are very near to Economic Survey modules, will try to explain these in proper way in those modules.

  • Shalini Tyagi

    Hello sir..
    Important international organisations esp economy wale how to prepare ? Dynamic portions and issues are there in news but static background and functions brief me kaise prepare krna hai ? Pls guide


      Hello Shalini, all international organizations would come in Paper-II. If you want from previous programmes, then you may download these.

    • Tarun

      Thank you Sir..
      and Thanks Shalini for asking the question..sometimes it helps others too..

    • Tarun

      Sir..I think something went wrong with my name here..its Tarun but it always appears wrongly..can we do something about that?

      • IASPOINT

        Hello Tarun, you mean Traun? Please see if it reflect correctly now.

    • Tarun

      just downloaded from the given link..its great..thanks Suresh sir..thanks for correcting the name also.

  • Shalini Tyagi

    Thank you sir :) exactly this i wanted !! U have saved my time..alot. there is so much available everywhr…but i wanted very relevant info regarding organizations for cse.

    should have joined GKT earlier… this programme is a boon for sincere aspirants.


  • Shalini Tyagi

    Hello sir…
    Should I read economic survey myself or u will provide the relevant summary / gist of budget n eco survey? If yes pls confirm so that i will plan accordingly.



      Hello Shalini, Now working on Survey Budget only and will take around 3 days to complete the task.

  • Shalini Tyagi

    Acha sir …thank you so much!

  • Anubhav Modi

    Hi Suresh, I saw that ‘PPP’ models and its issues haven’t been covered in Investment models static portion. Are you planning it to be a part of CGS module ? There was kelkar committee recommendations mentioned in recent CGS but the details of PPP mode hasn’t been covered.


      Hello Anubhav, yes, it would come in some documents again as a monograph.

  • Divya Prakash

    Sir, earlier there was a request for answer writing each day or a week. Can you help us in this direction.

  • Rahul Arora

    Sir ji, u added international tarde and balance of payments here on this page.. Request u to keep them on main page as well, so that we come to know…

  • shivani

    sir do u cover important issues form year book …i am planning to cover few imp chapters for the book :)


      Hello Shivani, I have not got enough time to look into the IYB properly. Will try to look into it tommrow and then will tell if we would provide some notes or a mock test.

  • Shalini Tyagi

    Hello sir.

    Please tell why sebi is concerned about forward contracts I mean what are disadvantages of forward contracts ? Have read about futures and forwards in your pdfs lekin thoda detail me batao pls. I want more clarity…..have read ki forward contracts are not standardized …how ?

    Pls explain


  • Shalini Tyagi

    I read it here. You please give me real life example of both.

    Pls reply


  • sudatheja [email protected]

    About globalisation sir

  • shivani

    thank you sir ….