GS Paper-I Material Section for Mains 2016 & 17

Indian Culture

Prelims / Mains Indian Culture Documents

The ten modules written during prelims phase of 2016 are common for prelims and mains examinations of 2016 and 17. To access these documents, click here.

2016 Mains Supplement for Indian Culture {Questions & Answers}

This document is a compendium of Questions and Model / Hint Answers for Indian Culture Part of your Mains examination. This document has two parts. First part is a compendium of questions from GKToday’s Indian Culture Modules. Questions in second part have been sourced from NCERT Books and Other sources with suitable modifications. Click Here.

Modern Indian History

2016 Mains History Supplement

This document is a compilation of Questions & Answers as supplement for Modern Indian History Section. [Yet to be updated]

Post-independence consolidation and reorganization within the country

Download from here.

Modern World History

Modern World History-1: Brief History of Europe before 18th century

This is a short summary of some key topics in ancient and medieval Europe history. This part is not in your syllabus, but we have included here just for sake of background knowledge. Click Here

Modern World History-2:Political, Technological, and Intellectual Developments (1750-1914)

French Revolution, Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte , Napoleonic Wars – their outcome; War of Austrian Succession, American War of Independence, Rise of Nationalism, Unification of Italy, Unification of Germany, The Industrial Revolution, Mercantilism and related theories, Socialism and related concepts, Feminism: Seneca Falls Convention, Russian Revolution. Click Here

Modern World History-3: Colonialism & Imperialism

This document gives brief overview of Imperialism, Neoimperialism, Colonialism, Neocolonialism, patterns of colonial control, Imperialism in Africa, China and Japan. Some key words include Social Darwinism, Scramble for Africa, Policy of Splending Isolation, Boer Wars, Moroccan Crises, Gunboat Diplomacy, Opium Wars, Open Door Policy, Japanese Isolationalism, Meiji Reforms etc. Click Here

Modern World History-4: World War-I & World War-II

This document comprises a crisp summary of major events that happened during World War-I and World War-II. Click Here

Modern World History-5: Cold War and Other Major Events of 20th Century

This document discusses Cold War: Origin and Initial Factors, Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, NATO and Warsaw Pacts, Korean War, Hungarian Revolution, Suez Crisis, Cuban Missile Crisis and Detente, other circumstances that led to end of Cold war. Click Here

Modern World History-6: Other Important Events Until Recent Times

This document discusses Great Depression (1929-1940), Non-alignment Movement, China in 20th century, Vietnam War, Arab-Israeli Conflicts. Crimean Crisis, War in Afghanistan. Click Here

Modern World History-7: [Exam Oriented] Questions & Answers for Mains

A short collection of questions on World History. Click Here

Indian Society

We had initially planned 6 documents but considering the time constraints have consolidated the relevent content in two documents for 2016 examination.

Indian Society: Module-1: Backgrounders

This is a collection of around 70 articles / backgrounders on Indian Society related topics viz. salient features; social institutions; social issues related to women, men, children, old aged; mentally disturbed people; DNTs; PVTGs, Tribals, LGBTs; population; poverty; malnutrition; development related social issues; globalization; communalism; regionalism; secularism etc. Click Here

Indian Society Module-2: Questions & Answers

This is a collection of questions on current  and relevant issues including the above mentioned topics and their hint / model answers. Click Here

India and World Geography

Prelims Geography Documents

For Basic Information on Geophysical phenomena such as earthquakes, Tsunami, Volcanic activity, cyclone etc. geographical features and their location; Kindly refer to Prelims Geography Section. Click Here

Geography Mains: Questions & Answers

In Target 2016, we have provided a Geography Q&A Supplement with 116 Questions and their relevant answers. This document has two parts. First part has focussed on Economic Geography and location of industries while second part has select questions on Geography syllabus from XII class ICSE school books and questions from Quora. Download from here.