Mains Mock Test Series 2018 DetailsSLC

GKToday is conducting a Mains Test Series – 2018 as a part of Integrated IAS General Studies (Target 2018) programme. This test series is comprised of total 24 Mock Tests with evaluation and model / hint answers. This test series is part of Target 2018 (Mains Subscription).

How to join?

Cost of this Test Series is Rs. 10500 /- Including access to all Study Material provided by GKToday towards Target 2018 Programme and whatever is available here in archives, including prelims.  To join this test series, you can join Target 2018 Programme Mains Subscription here.

Subscription to Integrated IAS Programme (Target 2018) provides you access to all content of this website including prelims as well as mains. There is no separate enrollments for Mains Test Series -2018. Enrolment to Target 2018 provides you evaluation service at Rs. 430/- per test and comes with all study material available here.

Test Schedule & Links

Each of the tests are provided as PDF document, which you need to print at your end, write answers and email at gktoday.mains[at] for evaluation before publishing the next test. The evaluated and scanned answer sheet and model /hint answers are shared back electronically. Time taken to evaluate is 7-10 days. Out of the 24 mock tests, 9 tests of paper 1, 2, 3 are section wise and rest 15 tests are full length based on entire syllabus of your Mains paper. The gap between two papers is around 13-14 days. The answers will be published on the last date to submit answer sheets.

Kindly note that most questions would be based on current topics wherever applicable and we shall not repeat questions from our old test series. The test papers will be uploaded in the below table as per tentative schedule and will also be sent to members as attachments in their email. You can download and print the papers, write answers and send back to us for evaluation.

No. Paper Syllabus Tentative Date Last Date* Download Links
1 GS-I Indian Culture & Heritage

Modern Indian History

20-10-2017 03-11-2017 Question Paper

Hint / Answers

2 GS-II Indian Constitution & Polity, Governance 03-11-2017 17-11-2017 Question Paper

Hint / Answers

3 GS-III Economy & Development 16-11-2017 10-12-2017 Question Paper

Hint / Answers

4 GS-IV Full Length 12-12-2017 27-12-2017 Question Paper
5 GS-I Modern World History


27-12-2017 15-01-2018 Question Paper
6 GS-II Social Justice, Governance 27-12-2017 15-01-2018 Question Paper
7 GS-III Sci-Tech, Env & DM 05-01-2018 22-01-2018 Question Paper
8 GS-IV Full Length 18-01-2018 31-01-2018
9 GS-I Indian Society

Social Issues

31-01-2018 13-02-2018
10 GS-II International Relations 13-02-2018 26-02-2018
11 GS-III Internal & External Security 26-02-2018 10-03-2018
12 GS-IV Full Length 10-03-2018 23-03-2018
13 GS-I Full Length 23-03-2018 05-04-2018
14 GS-II Full Length 05-04-2018 18-04-2018
15 GS-III Full Length 18-04-2018 02-05-2018
16 GS-IV Full Length 02-05-2018 10-06-2018
17 GS-I Full Length 10-06-2018 23-06-2018
18 GS-II Full Length 23-06-2018 05-07-2018
19 GS-III Full Length 05-07-2018 18-07-2018
20 GS-IV Full Length 18-07-2018 31-07-2018
21 GS-I Full Length 31-07-2018 10-08-2018
22 GS-II Full Length 10-08-2018 30-08-2018
23 GS-III Full Length 30-08-2018 15-09-2018
24 GS-IV Full Length 15-09-2018 25-09-2018
* All dates are tentative and subject to adjustment as we go with time.

How to submit answers

Kindly print the test paper on quality paper, write answers and scan your answer-sheet in good quality resolution. The scanned answer-sheet can be submitted to GKToday via email at gktoday.mains[at] as a single PDF document.  You can also put your answer sheet in Google Drive / Dropbox and share the link at above email address. 

  • Please submit your answersheet as a single PDF document. Please refer this to understand how to club scanned images into a single pdf.
  • Your scanned answer sheet is printed this side for evaluation, so please make sure that the pdf is legible and we are able to read your answers comfortably.

Evaluation & Feedback

The answer sheets are evaluated by GKToday’s team members. The scanned copies of evaluated answer-sheets are sent to the members. Model / hint answers are shared by GKToday to all members of the programme on this page itself in the above table. Time taken in evaluation is around 7-10 days after receiving the papers this side.

Questions and Queries

You may send a mail to [email protected] for queries, but best way to get immediate response is to call GKToday at 9928053351.

Mains Test Series Archives

The archive of 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Mock test Series are available at this link.

General Studies Mains Mock Test Series – 2017

Sr. No. Subject Date Question Paper Link Hint / Model Answers
1 GS-1 16-Jan-17 Click Here Click Here
2 GS-2 13-Feb-17 Click Here Click Here
3 GS-3 13-Mar-17 Click Here Click Here
4 GS-4 15 July 2017 Click Here Click Here
5 GS-1 25 July 2017 Click Here Click Here
6 GS-2 5 August 2017 Click Here Click Here
7 GS-3 15 August 2017 Click Here Click Here
8 GS-4 20 August 2017 Click Here Click Here
9 GS-1 30 August 2017 Click Here Click Here
10 GS-2 10 September 2017 Click Here Click Here
11 GS-3 15 September 2017 Click Here Click Here
12 GS-4 20 September 2017 Click Here Click Here
* The above tests were conducted as part of Target 2017 Integrated General Studies Programme.

General Studies Mains Mock Test Series – 2016

Mains Test Series -2016 Archive    
Mock Test No. Subject Question Paper Hint Answers
Mock Test-1 GS-I Click Here Click Here
Mock Test-2 GS-II Click Here Click Here
Mock Test-3 GS-III Click Here Click Here
Mock Test-4 GS-IV Click Here [Topper Copy – Sandeep Chaudhary AIR-158]
Mock Test-5 GS-I Click Here Click Here
Mock Test-6 GS-II Click Here Click Here
Mock Test-7 GS-III Click Here Click Here
Mock Test-8 GS-IV Click Here Click Here
*The above test series was conducted in Target 2016 Programme.

General Studies Mains Mock Test Series – 2015

General Studies Mains Mock Test Series – 2014

General Studies Mains Mock Test Series – 2013

In 2013, we had not conducted a mains test series due to change in syllabus. Instead, as a response to immediate challenge of changed syllabus, we conducted a crash course kind of course of 50 documents on changed syllabus of which 20 documents were on current issues. The 20 documents on current issues can be downloaded by anyone now from below table:

Document Download Link
2013-Mains-12- Current Issues Related to Media Click Here
2013-Mains-13- Current Issues Related to Women Click Here
2013-Mains-17-Current Issues Related to Agriculture Click Here
2013-Mains-18- Current Issues Related to Economy Click Here
2013-Mains-19-Current Issues Click Here
2013-Mains-20-Questions on Current Affairs Click Here
2013-Mains-21-Questions on Current Affairs Click Here
2013-Mains-22-Questions on Current Affairs Click Here
2013-Mains-23- Current Issues – Infrastructure Click Here
2013-Mains-36-Current-Affairs Click Here
2013-Mains-37-Current-Affairs Click Here
2013-Mains-38-Current Affairs Click Here
2013-Mains-39-Current Affairs Click Here
2013-Mains-40-Current Affairs Click Here
2013-Mains-41-Current Affairs Click Here
2013-Mains-42-Current Affairs Click Here
2013-Mains-43-Current Affairs Click Here
2013-Mains-44-Current Affairs Click Here
2013-Mains-45-Current Affairs Click Here
2013-mains-46-Current Affairs Click Here

General Studies Mains Mock Test Series – 2012

In Target 2012, We had provided 15 Documents on Current Part in the form of Questions & Answers Modules, which could serve as both mocks and study material. This archive is available in below table and its now free for all to download.

Mock Test / Module Question Paper Solution
2012-Mains-1 Click Here Click Here
2012-Mains-2 Click Here Click Here
2012-Mains-3 Click Here Click Here
2012-Mains-4 Click Here Click Here
2012-Mains-5 Click Here Click Here
2012-Mains-6 Click Here Click Here
2012-Mains-7 Click Here Click Here
2012-Mains-8 Click Here Click Here
2012-Mains-9 Click Here Click Here
2012-Mains-10 Click Here Click Here
2012-Mains-11 Click Here Click Here
2012-Mains-12 Click Here Click Here
2012-Mains-13 Click Here Click Here
2012-Mains-14 Click Here Click Here
2012-Mains-15 Click Here Click Here

General Studies Mains Mock Test Series -2011

* In Target 2011 Programme, we had conducted six Mains Mock Tests. We could not preserve the files of their solution but would try to rewrite answers and upload them here later.

Mock Test* Question Paper Solution
2011-Mains-1 Click Here NA
2011-Mains-2 Click Here NA
2011-Mains-3 Click Here NA
2011-Mains-4 Click Here NA
2011-Mains-5 Click Here NA
2011-Mains-6 Click Here NA



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