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August 1 to 15, 2017: Other Short Questions & Answers

August 15, 2017

Why the Biofuels related work has been taken away from Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and given to Oil Ministry? In a recent approval by the newly appointed President Ram Nath Kovind, the work related to biofuels has been shifted from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy...

Section 436-A of CRPC and Home Ministry Guidelines on Undertrials

August 12, 2017

What are the provisions of section 436A of the CrPC and home ministry’s guidelines regarding undertrials? Why these fail to alleviate the plight of undertrials? Section 436A was introduced in the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 vide an amendment in 2005. It provides for the maximum period for which an...


Electric Propulsion (EP) Technology: Meaning, Features and ISRO’s Achivements

August 11, 2017

Electric Propulsion (EP) technology uses solar energy to convert it into electrical power to enhance the propulsive performances of the satellite system. ISRO has been working since long to develop the Electric Propulsion System. This system was first used by ISRO in 2017 as a technology demonstrator in GSAT- 9...