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Religious Conversion and Anti-Conversion Laws in India

December 18, 2017

Recently, Jharkhand cabinet had approved an anti-conversion bill to be introduced in State Assembly. The bill contains stiff jail sentences and fines for converting people through “allurement” or “coercion”. The bill got some limelight and we review it along with broader topic – anti-coven version laws of various states...

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Reduction in Interconnection Usage Charge (IUC)

September 30, 2017

The telecom sector in India is in doldrums in recent times. A new issue recently emerged when the telecom regulator TRAI revised the Interconnection Usage Charge (IUC) and brought them down from 14 paise per minute to 6 paise per minute from October 1, 2017. Understanding IUC Interconnection means...


Simultaneous Elections in India

September 29, 2017

Our Prime Minister has time and again supported the idea of holding simultaneous elections to panchayats, urban local bodies, states and Parliament so that parties and workers spending too much time and money in electioneering, can make use of the time for social work and to take people-oriented programmes...