Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Are GKToday website and Android app the same thing?

No, the GKToday website and the Android app are not the same and are different in content as well as services. GKToday website is an old blog with no courses. The website offers articles like an encyclopaedia and ebooks to be purchased as collection of articles and some questions sourced from GKToday app. Android App is designed exclusively for accessing the courses and content available in the Android app only.

2.     Can I login with app account in gktoday website or vice versa?

No, you cannot log in with your app account on the GKToday website or vice versa. The app and website use different user databases that are stored on separate servers. This means that accounts created on the app are not linked to or compatible with accounts on the website, and vice versa.  To use both the app and the website, you would need to create separate accounts for each platform.

3.     How can I access the course once purchased?

After a successful purchase, the courses will be added to your library within the app. Please check library screen and click on course, then tap on start / continue button.

4.     Till what date is the course valid?

Once you join any course in this app with any validity option, all the previous content will be accessible until your subscription expiry date. You can check your subscription expiry date in the "Library" tab. Once expiry date reaches, your subscribed course will be locked again and you shall need to repurchase the same.

5.     Are the courses on GKToday App available as a web app or website?

No, the courses offered by GKToday are not available as a web app or website. This is clearly mentioned in the course details of every course. The content is exclusive to the Android application and is accessible only through the app. All content of the GKToday app is available in Android App only mode. The app does not support access through desktops or internet browsers such as Google Chrome. The courses are not available on the GKToday website either.

6.     Can I access the PDFs from the GKToday app outside the app?

No, the PDFs provided in the GKToday app are designed to open within the app only. PDF documents are automatically downloaded offline to your mobile devices for reading within the app. Direct access to PDF files (from mobile file manager/directory) is not allowed. The PDF files are protected by a randomly generated password and can be opened in the app only. They cannot be printed, copied, or shared.

7.     How many devices can I use my GKToday account on?

You can use your GKToday account on a maximum of three devices. However, these devices cannot be used simultaneously.

8.     What happens if I log in to more than three devices with my GKToday account?

If you log in to more than three devices, you will need to ask us to reset the devices. To reset your devices, you can either send your email ID as a WhatsApp message to 9588003716 or send a mail to

9.     What is your refund policy for courses in this app?

We do not issue refunds for courses /  digital products once the order is confirmed. Due to the nature of digital products, which can be instantly accessed or downloaded, we cannot offer refunds once the course has been purchased and accessed.

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