IASPOINT Daily UPSC Prelims Mini Mock Test: 18

Welcome to IASPOINT Daily Prelims Mini Mock Test: 18. We publish a daily test with 10 questions on random topics from our archives and current affairs. This test is free but you should be registered and logged in for the test to display and function properly.

Time Remaining: 720 Seconds

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UPSC Prelims Free Mini Mock Test Series


  • Himi Sharma

    Sir……..can you plz provide link from where we can download these tests??


      Hello, PDF is not available for these as of now.

  • Himi Sharma

    Sir…. could you please make them available for us?…so that we can easily have a look or go through fast as n when needed. It will be really helpful especially during last days before pre.


      we can provide compilation of 10 mini mocks, each 10 day.

    • Himi Sharma

      No problem sir……even that will serve the purpose
      Thanx for considering request.

  • Jitu1234

    Hello sir when quiz is completed and when i see answer its explanation are not correctly fit on mobile phone


      Hello Jitu, yes mobile display is not working correctly, we would fix asap.

  • Kush Mishra

    sir…. alluvial soils are in-situ or ex-situ I guess ex-situ cz they are depositional soil pls clarify


      Hello Kush, answer was correct, explanation was not, so corrected it. Reference