Consider the following statements: 
1. Most of the rice produced in India is Winter Rice
2. Rice farming in India is characterized by heavy farm mechanization
Which among the above is / are correct statements?

Answer: [A] Only 1

Autumn Rice is Pre-Kharif rice sown during May to August; and harvested in September-October. Autumn rice crop accounts for only 7-8% of total rice grown. Winter Rice is the Kharif rice in India, sown in June-July and harvested in November-December. This accounts for 84% rice cultivation in India. Summer rice is also called Rabi rice sown from November to February and harvesting time is March to June. This accounts for 8-9% of total rice cultivated in India.
Thus, rice is predominantly a Kharif crop in India, grown in both irrigated areas as well as rain-fed areas with high rainfall. It requires hot and humid conditions for growing with 24° C mean temperature and 150-300 cm rainfall. The crop is predominantly labor oriented and is not much suitable for heavy farm mechanization.

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