Apart from the monastic nudity, which among the other beliefs of Digambara Jains make them different from the Shvetambaras?
1. No man can reach moksha without being born as woman at least once in any birth
2. The Tirthanakaras when rendered as images must be rendered nude
3. A perfect saint (Kevalin) can live without food
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [B] Only 2 & 3

Besides monastic nudity, the other beliefs of the Digambaras that are different from the Shvetambaras are as follows:
The perfect saint ( kevalin ) does not need food to stay alive
• Mahavira never married;
• No woman can reach moksha without being reborn as a man
• All tirthankaras, when rendered as images, must be portrayed as naked, without ornaments, and with downcast eyes
• Moreover, the digambaras do not recognize the shvetambara canon of religious texts but maintain that the early literature was gradually forgotten and lost completely by the second century ad.

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