With reference to the political conditions of India in around 4th century BC, which among the following statements is / are correct?
1. There was no paramount power in Northern India
2. There were no republican states
3. There were not more than 16 independent states
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [A] Only 1

Indian history assumes a more or less definite shape towards the close of the seventh century B. C. There was no paramount The sixteen States power in Northern India at this period, but the whole country was divided into a number of independent States. The literary works of the 4th century B. C. give the number of important States as sixteen, but in all probability the actual number exceeded this conventional figure. Some of the States were monarchical, but others had republican or oligarchic constitution. The four important royal dyna’Uies that stand out prominently at this period, are the HaryaJikas in Magadha, the Aikshvakus in Kosala, the Pauravas in Vatsa (Kausimbi), and the Pradyotas in Avantil. It i!; interesting to note that the kingdom of KuruPailchila, Kisi and Matsya, celebrated in the MalUibhiirata, continued at this period, although they ranked as minor powers. Of the non-monarchical States we hear mostly of the Vrijis of Mithili, the Sikyas ofKapilavastu, and the Mallas of Pi vi and KuSinagara. The Vrijis formed a confederacy of eight different clans, the most prominent of which were the Lichchhavis, who had their capital at Vaisali.

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