The president of India can return a bill to the house for reconsideration if it is a __:
1. Ordinary Bill
2. Money Bill
3. Constitution Amendment Bill
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [A] Only 1

If it is an ordinary Bill

In case of an ordinary bill or a bill got introduced by a private member and passed by both houses, the president can just withhold assent. It is similar to the Pocket Veto in US.

If it is a constitution amendment Bill

The President has no veto power in respect of a constitutional amendment bill. The 24th Constitutional amendment Act of 1971 made it obligatory for the President to give his assent to a constitutional amendment bill.

If it a money bill

The President may either give or withhold his assent to a Money Bill. Under the Constitution, a Money Bill cannot be returned to the House by the President for reconsideration.

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