The soil found in the Taiga Biome and Boreal Forests is __?
1. Young soil with little development
2. Rich in Nutrients
3. Rich with Soil organisms
4. Acidic
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [B] 1, 3, 4

Soil of Taiga Biome

The Taiga soil is poor in nutrients in comparison to the temperate deciduous forests. This is because the fallen leaves and moss can remain on the forest floor for a long time in the cool, moist climate. This would result in poor organic contribution to the soil. Further, the Taiga soil is acidic due to the falling pine needles. Since the soil is acidic, the acidity aids in the decomposition of the mineral components and the minerals are washed away in the lower horizons. This becomes accessible to the tree roots. This causes infertility of the soil. The leaching of the nutrients , along with the permeability of the soil gives it a light colored eluvial soil horizon leached of most base forming cations such as Calcium. Since the soil is acidic due to the falling pine needles, the forest floor has only lichens and some moss growing on it. However, please note that diversity of soil organisms in the boreal forest (southern Taiga) is high, comparable to the tropical rainforest. The Taiga soils are dominated by the microscopic fungi. These microscopic fungi play an important role in the decomposition of the dead phytomass. So, the above mentioned infertility is compensated by the activity of the microorganisms in the upper soil horizons.

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