Who among the following was emperor at Delhi when British launched a factory at Hooghly in Bengal?

Answer: [C] Farrukhsiyar

There is an interesting story behind this question. Farrukhsiyar had sit on the throne of Delhi by defeating and killing his uncle Jahandar Shah. He is known to have tortured Banda Bahadur to death. Farrikhsiyar was the last Mughal sovereign who married a Hindu Princess, the daughter of Raja Ajit Singh of Jodhpur and Marwar. When the nuptials were preparing, Farrukhsiyar got ill and was confined to bed. At that there was a mission at Delhi in which Mr. Hamilton was a surgeon. Mr. Hamilton treated the emperor and thus he was able to marry the Hindu princess. After the marriage was completed, Farrukhsiyar invited Mr. Hamilton and asked him what he would like in reward, in a typical oriental style of Indian emperors. But Mr. Hamilton did not asked anything for his own but for his employers i.e. east India company, he demanded some land for a factory at Hooghly. The demand was fulfilled and thus began the journey of East India company in east of India.

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