In context with the nuclear fuels, how the Fissile material is different from the Fertile material?
1. While Fissile material undergoes nuclear fission, Fertilie material undergoes nuclear fusion
2. While Fissile material can be directly used, Fertile material can not be used directly in nuclear reactors
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [B] Only 2 is correct

The fissile material is the one which undergoes nuclear fission (splitting of atom) upon bombardment by slow/fast neutrons. The fissile materials used are Uranium 235, Plutonium239 and Uranium233. (India is the only country in the world to use U 233 fuel, used in Purnima & Kamini Reactors. Fertile material is the one which by itself is not fissionable but will capture the neutron and will get converted to a fissile material. Examples are Uranium 238 becoming Plutonium 239. Thorium 232 becoming Uranium 233 etc.

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