Consider the following leaders of various rebellions that took place in early 19th century in India:
1. Madhukar Shah
2. Royappa
3. Velu Thambi
4. Jagabandhu
Which among the following is the correct set of the regions where rebellions took place under the above leaders?

Answer: [A] Bundelkhand, Kittur, Travancore, Odisha

Madhukar Shah was the leader of the Bundela Uprising of the Sagar and Damoh during 1818-1842, Royappa revolted in 1824 at Kittur, known as Kittur Uprising of 1824-29, The Revolt of Velu Thambi is related to the state of Travancore, Jagabandu was a leader of the Paik Rebellion of Orissa of 1804- 1817.

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