With reference to the Textile Industry in India, the “Technical Textiles” sector is considered to be a sunrise sector. What is / are features of this product?
1. Technical Textiles are material products used primarily for their functional properties
2. Geotextile is an example of Technical Textile
3. Nanotechnology can help this sector to grow by leaps and bounds
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [D] 1, 2 & 3

Important observations on Technical Textiles Sector
Technical Textiles are manufactured primarily for their technical performance and functional properties rather than aesthetic and decorative characteristics. This implies that the textiles which are used in various industries and applications are technical textiles. The most common technical textile used in our daily life is adhesive bandages such as Band-Aid.
• Based upon applications, there are several categories of the Technical Textiles such as
o medical / biotextiles such as implants
o geotextiles used for reinforcement of embankments
o agrotextiles used for crop protection
o protective clothing against heat and radiation and
o other industries such as automobile industry, aerospace, sports, packaging etc.
• Technical Textiles is the sunrise sector of the textile industry in India, with a current market size of Rs 57,000 crores and a growth rate poised to take off from the present 11%, to almost 20% during the 12th Five Year Plan.
• The technical textile industry in India, whose current size is estimated at $ 17 billion, is seen as the next hub for both manufacturing and consumption. India is seen as a key growth market for the sector.
• Nanotechnology is poised to make this market grow by leaps and bounds. Nanopartilcles can be used in automobile textiles to improve the wear-resistance and dimension stability, as they are subject to high levels of mechanical stress. In addition to these applications few other applications such as nanofibers used in filters, nanotubes used in antistatic clothing and packaging fibers are the examples of advancement done in technical textiles with help of nanotechnology. Owing to the advantages in different application industries provided by the nanotechnology, the demand for technical textile is expected to be high in the coming future.
• Also note that government has launched a Technology Mission on Technical Textiles (TMTT) with two mini missions starting from 2010-11 to 2014-15 with a financial outlay of Rs. 200 crore. The objective the mission is to remove the impediments hampering the production of technical textiles in the country to meet growing demand in the domestic and export market.

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