The Jute industry occupies an important place in the national economy of India. Consider the following statements in this context:
1. Majority of world’s Jute Production is in India
2. Majority of the Jute Mills in India are in cooperative sector
3. Apart from West Bengal, Jute is produced in Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha also
Which among the above statements is / are correct?

Answer: [C] Only 1 & 3

• Jute Industry is one of the major industries in the eastern region, particularly in West Bengal. Jute industry provides direct employment to 0.37 million workers in organized mills and diversified units including tertiary sector and allied activities and supports the livelihood of around 4.0 million farm families. In addition there are a large number of persons engaged in the trade of jute.
• In the world perspective, India is the major producer of both raw jute and jute products. In percentage terms India accounted for 60 % of world production in 2007-08.
• There are 84 composite jute mills in India. Out of the total 83 jute mills, 64 jute mills are located in West Bengal, 3 each in Bihar and U.P., 7 in Andhra Pradesh 2 each in Chattisgarh & Orissa and 1 each in Assam and Tripura.
• Ownership- wise division is:- 6 mills are under Government of India’s P.S.U., 1 mill (Tripura) is under State Government, 2 mills (Assam & New Central) are in the co-operative sector and 70 are privately owned mills.

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