Under the system of Dyarchy, the spheres of the various provincial subjects were divided into___?

Answer: [B] Reserved Subjects and Transferred Subjects

In Government of India Act 1919 the spheres of the central and provincial governments were demarcated by a division of subjects into’ central’ and’ provincial’. Generally speaking, “central subjects’ included all subjects directly administered by the Government of India or in which extra-provincial interests were dominant, whilst provincial subjects’ included subjects in which the interests of the provinces essentially predominated.

The Dyarchy was for the Provincial Governments. The provincial subjects were divided into two categories viz. reserved’ and transferred. Each province was to be governed in relation to ‘reserved’ subjects by a Governor in Council, and in relation to ‘transferred’ subjects by a Governor acting with ministers. This system was known as Dyarchy. In the selection of subjects to be transferred to ministers, the guiding principle followed was to include in the ‘ transferred’ list those departments which offered the most opportunity for local knowledge and social service and those in which mistakes that might occur would not be irremediable. Broadly speaking, ‘ reserved ‘ subjects comprised all subjects which were not transferred to ministers and embraced such subjects as Land Revenue, finance, and law and order.

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