After the martyrdom of which among the following activists, the revolutionary activities came to at an end virtually?

Answer: [C] Surya Sen

Surya Sen, (1894-1934) was the Founder of the Chittagong Republican Army with the objective to liberate Chittagong from the British rule through an armed revolt and by attacking the imperialist strongholds. For the accomplishment of this plan, on April 18,1930, the Chittagong (or Indian) Republican  Army, under Surya Sen raided the two government armories and completely disrupted the telephone, telegraph and railway systems, due to which Chittagong was cut off completely from the rest of India. After attacks Surya Sen called for the formation of a free national revolutionary government. But this endeavor didn’t go for long. After successive defeats,

he used Guerrilla Warfare and spread his revolutionary activities to the adjoining districts. After 3 years of brave struggle he was arrested in February 1933, and was sentenced to death. He was one of the last  revolutionary martyrs to get hanged and after his martyrdom, the revolutionary activities almost came to an end.

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