Consider the following statements:
1. Cirrus clouds are usually composed of ice crystals
2. Cumulus clouds develop due to convective uplift
3. A funnel cloud generally forms at ground surface
Which among the above statements is / are correct ?

Answer: [B] Only 1 & 2

First two statements are correct and notable points. Third statement is not correct. A funnel cloud is generally the cause of a twister or tornado. It is funnel-shaped cloud of condensed water droplets, associated with a rotating column of  wind and extending from the base of a cloud (usually a cumulonimbus or towering cumulus cloud) but not reaching the ground or a water surface. A funnel cloud is usually visible as a cone-shaped or needle like protuberance from the main cloud base. Funnel clouds form most frequently in association with supercell thunderstorms. If a funnel cloud touches the ground it becomes a tornado. Most tornadoes begin as funnel clouds, but many funnel clouds do not make ground contact and  so do not become tornadoes. (Wikipedia)

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