The evidences related to farming tools/ equipments used by the Indus Valley Civilization people show that they were aware of using__:
1. Plough
2. Rehat
3. Sickles
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [C] Only 1 & 3

Kindly note that Rehat is Persian wheel. Its not very ancient in comparison to plough and sickles.  The only direct evidence farming tools comes in the form of ploughed fields at Kalibangan, belonging to the Early Harappan period, and at the Indus outpost of Shortugai.  Apart from the plough, very little is known about the agricultural tools or cultivation techniques used by the Harappans. Gypsum crystals found on a sherd at Kalibangan may have been used as a fertilizer. Harvesting was undertaken with a flint blade or flint-edged sickle.  (Weber 2001)

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