Which among the following animals was / were surely domesticated by Indus Valley People?
1. Humped Zebu Cattle
2. Sheep
3. Goats
4. Dogs
5. Horses
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [C] 1, 2, 3 & 4

Sheep and goats were kept for meat and perhaps for their milk. It is usually assumed that sheep were also kept for their wool. Bones of the domestic dog (Canis familiaris) have been found in many Harappan sites, as have a number of dog figurines. These indicate that there were several different breeds, including a squat animal resembling a bulldog and a rangy beast like an Afghan hound. There is considerable controversy about the presence of the domestic horse in early South Asia, made contentious by being bound up in the Indo- Aryan debate. Bones said to come from the domestic horse have been found at a number of Harappan sites. From detailed studies of these equid bones, however, the eminent archaeo-zoologist Richard Meadow concluded that none definitely came from a domestic horse, and the balance of probability is that all the equid bones in Harappan and pre-Harappan contexts in India and Pakistan came from the onager (Equus hemionus, also known as the steppe ass).

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