The duties of the Inter-state Council include:
1. Inquiring into and advising upon disputes which may have arisen between/among States
2. Investigating and discussing subjects in which some or all of the States, or the Union and one or more of the States have a common interest
3. Making recommendations upon any such subject for the better coordination of policy and action with respect to that subject
Select the correct statements from the codes given below:

Answer: [D] 1, 2 & 3

All are correct statements
Article 263 makes it clear that the Inter-State Council is not a permanent constitutional body for coordination between the States of the Union. It can be established ‘at any time’ if it appears to the President that the public interests would be served by the establishment of such a Council.
The Council consists of:
Prime Minister- Chairman
Chief Minister­ of all States
Chief Minister of Uts and Administrators of Uts not having Legislative Assembly
Six Union Ministers of Cabinet rank in the Union Council of Ministers nominated by the Prime Minister – Member

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