Two Flat mirrors are placed at an angle of 60° from each other. How many images will be formed of a Candle placed in between them?

Answer: [C] Five

Number of images = (360÷angle) – 1

  • If the mirrors are placed at parallel to each other , the images will be infinite in numbers
  • If the mirrors are placed at an angle of 90° with each other , 3 images will be produced.

The more we decrease the angle between the two mirrors from 90°, the more will be number of images.

  • At 60° the number of images is 5′
  • At 30°, the number of images will be 11.

This concept is the principle of working of the Kaleidoscopes that operate on multiple reflection, several mirrors are attached together. The three mirrors if set at 45° from each other, creates eight duplicate images of the objects, six at 60°, and four at 90°.

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