The Alkali Metals are different from the Alkaline Earth Metals on account of the fact / facts that __:
1.While no Alkali Metal is found free in nature, some alkaline earth metals are found free in nature
2.While alkali metals are highly reactive, alkaline earth metals are moderately reactive
Which among the above statements is / are correct?

Answer: [B] Only 2

Alkali Metals

These are the elements at the left of the periodic table: lithium (Li, element 3), potassium (K, element 19), rubidium (Rb, element 37), caesium (Cs, element 55), francium (Fr, element 87), and sodium (Na, element 11). The alkali metals are sometimes called the sodium family of elements, or Group I elements. Because of their great chemical reactivity (they easily form positive ions), none exist in nature in the elemental state.

Alkaline Earth metals

These are beryllium (Be, element 4), magnesium (Mg, element 12), calcium (Ca, element 20), strontium (Sr, element 38), barium (Ba, element 56), and radium (Ra, element 88). The alkaline Earth metals are also called Group II elements. Like the alkali metals, they are never found as free elements in nature and are moderately reactive metals. Harder and less volatile than the alkali metals, these elements all burn in air.

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