How the Japanese Encephalitis is different from the Virus Encephalitis?
1.While Japanese Encephalitis is a mosquito borne disease, Virus Encephalitis is a water borne disease
2.While Japanese Encephalitis results in Acute encephalitis syndrome, or AES, Virus Encephalitis does not result in such disease
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [A] Only 1 is correct

Encephalitis means “Acute Inflammation of the Brain” Viral encephalitis refers to a type of Encephalitis caused by a virus. Japanese encephalitis and viral encephalitis diseases, broadly classified as AES, are a poor man’s diseases and affect the families of paddy farmers.

  1. Viral Encephalitis: Water borne disease

Japanese Encephalitis: Mosquito Bite

Both of the above make Acute encephalitis syndrome, or AES

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