The Vitamin A is good for human health because___:
1. It improves night vision as well as the day vision
2. It is responsible for pigments which are used by rods and cones in Retina of Eye
Which among the above statements is / are correct?

Answer: [D] Neither 1 nor 2

Vitamin A improves our night vision and not the day vision. The sensory portion of the eyes (retina) contains rods and cones. The rods and cones are specialized cells responsible for the sense of vision. Rhodopsin is a pigment produced by the rods of the eyes. The rods are used for night vision, while the cones are used when ample light is available. Rhodopsin is made from Vitamin A. It is produced only when a small amount of light is available in the environment, so that we can see in the dark. Rhodopsin is not used when enough light is available in the surroundings (example, daylight). The cones of the eyes are responsible for vision when enough light is available. They do not produce rhodopsin for us to see clearly.

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