In recent times, the Genetic Engineering techniques are being used as highly sophisticated manipulations of genetic material and other biologically important chemicals. The Genetic Engineering is helpful in__:
1.Creation of new pharmaceuticals
3.Sustainable agriculture
4.Production of new animal and plant species
5.Maintaining the balance of biodiversity
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [C] Only 1, 2, 3 & 4

Genetic engineering when used on micro-organisms help in the creation of new pharmaceuticals which cannot be made in any other way. Genetic engineering helps in the process of bioremediation which is the process of cleaning up waste and pollution with the help of living organisms. Genetic engineering has helped lower the overall usage of herbicide and pesticide. Genetic engineering has helped with the production of vaccines and other drugs in plants.

Genetic engineering has helped produce quicker and more predictable way of generating new cultivars. Further, the cultivar properties are better known today than it was ever known before. Today, genetic engineering can produce sustainable agriculture. Genetic engineering is meant to make food crops more resistant to disease, but the mere act of modification of the naturally selected food crops actually disturbs the delicate balance of biodiversity which exists in nature.

The production of GMOs has negative impacts on the natural ecosystem which are not apparent now but will be apparent in the future. For example, genetic changes in a particular plant or animal might render it harmful to another organism higher up in the food chain and ultimately this effect may build up to destroy the entire food chain in which that plant plays a role. GMOs have been known to retain some of the genetically modified DNA in the final product made for human consumption. Such remnants of genetic material are harmful to human health and can cause production of previously unknown allergens.

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