With reference to Human body, the Hamburger’s Phenomenon is related to __?

Answer: [B] Respiratory System

When we respire, most of the carbon dioxide as bicarbonate ions is transported in the blood. The carbon dioxide dissolved in the blood reacts with water and by the help of zinc containing enzyme called carbonic anhydrase, they form carbonic acid. It immediately dissociates to give H+ and bicarbonate ions once carbonic acid is formed. The haemoglobin present in the erythrocytes (RBCs) combines with the H+ ions immediately. The bicarbonate ion goes into the blood plasma which creates an ionic imbalance between the plasma and the erythrocytes. The chloride ions then diffuse from the blood plasma into  the RBCs to maintain the ionic balance.  The process of chloride ion diffusing into the erythrocytes to maintain the ionic balance is described as Hamburger’s Phenomenon.

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