The Mughal school of painting formed the spinal column of the various schools of Indian miniature art. Which one of the following painting styles was not affected by Mughal painting?

Answer: [D] Kalighat

The answer will be Kalighat because Kalighat paintings were a post Mughal phenomenon. This Indian Style of painting originated in the vicinity of Kalighat Kali Temple, Kalighat (Kolkata, India) in 19th century. Kalighat temple was considered the  main centre around which the traditional artists called ‘the pataus’ or ‘painters of cloth’ concentrated. Later academic training institutions were set up in Bengal imparting European style of art for the Indian artists by British patrons. This induced the traditional artists to move from rural areas to the city.  They started learning from the newer techniques. They also created innovative and new art forms. This eventually led to the birth of Kalighat painting.

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