The volcanoes affect the environment by __:
1. Helping the earth to keep cool
2. Producing acid rains
3. Producing vog and laze
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [D] 1, 2 & 3

Volcanoes help keep the earth cool by removing heat from the interior; thus first choice is correct. When volcanic clouds mix with atmospheric moisture, acid rain results; thus second choice is correct. Third choice is also correct. Sulphur dioxide released at the summit or the east rift reacts chemically with oxygen, dust particles, sunlight and water in the air to form a mixture of sulphate aerosols (tiny particles and droplets), sulphuric acid, and other oxidized sulphate species that is known as “vog“. When lava enters the ocean, another type of chemical reaction takes place between molten lava and seawater. White-plume clouds are generated by intense heat and vigorous chemical reactions. These misty clouds, called “laze” contain a mixture of hydrochloric acid and seawater vapour. Laze clouds can drop rainwater on people along the coast. The HCL is toxic and causes irritation to the throat, lungs, eyes, and nose.

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