Identify the animal with the information given in statements 1, 2 & 3:
1.This animal is a primate and is generally known as only poisonous primate discovered so far
2.It is nocturnal, insectivorous animal
3.It does not have a tail or has a rudimentary tail
Choose the correct option:

Answer: [C] Loris

Loris is the answer. They have very sharp needle-like teeth on their lower jaw, shaped like a spade. Their bite is so painful and agonizing that they can create extreme allergic reactions (up to anaphylactic shock), followed by Hematuria, which is a reaction to the allergen.

Their elbows plays an important part as a lethal weapon, in their defense mechanism. On the inside of the elbows, lies a patch which is used to store a foul smelling toxin. Right before the toxic biting, the loris will suck some poison from the patch and mix it with their saliva, inside their mouth.

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