An ideal edible oil should__:
1. be free of cholesterol
2. be free of transfats and low saturated fats
3. contain Omega-3 fatty acids
Select the correct statement from the codes given below:

Answer: [C] Only 1 & 3

In this question, the second statement is partially incorrect. Edible oil should be free of cholesterol and trans fats, but should have low saturated fats and should have Omega-3 nutrient. We note here that mustard and canola oils meet these requirements. Mustard oil is produced in India and is, therefore, cheaper than most oils, canola oil is imported from Canada and cost at least Rs. 260 per kg. Refined oil is bad for heart because it gets heated at a high temperature. Olive oil is heart healthy as it heats up earl y, but it is not as good as mustard and canola oils because it lacks Omega-3. (Noted from Down To Earth)

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