Which among the following observation about the Early Aryans is / are correct?
1. They were fond of fire
2. They used beverages such as gauri, baruni and soma-rasa
3. They built wooden houses to live and wooden temples to offer prayer to God
4. They practiced animal sacrifices
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [C] 1, 2, 4

This carefully framed question needs slightly correct evaluation of the options. The first statement which says that “They were fond of fire” is correct. as fire gave them warmth and comforts in their cold homes. They lived in either caves or wooden or leafed houses. Pure water did not quench their thirst and they used beaverdges such as gauri, baruni and soma-rasa. The fourth statement, they practiced animal sacrifices is also correct. The third statement is incorrect. The early Aryans neither knew making the temples nor offered flowers, leaves and incense to their god. The most learned of the Aryans worshipped nature’s god and sought its blessing. They worshipped Him through the benevolent spirits of nature and did not made temples.

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