In the ancient Buddhist texts, who among the following is believed to be described as Nigantha Nataputta?

Answer: [B] Mahavira Jain

Nigrantha movement belongs to Sraman order that is closely linked to Ajivika. As per the Buddhist texts, Mahavira was the founder of the Nigrantha movement. The name of the order refers to those who have destroyed the worldly ties as well as have given up their clothes. They were pravrajita or the houseless ascetics as well as the naked ascetics. These ascetics abstain from animal food and all food cooked by fire. They live on fruits picked up when they had dropped to the ground. These points of their doctrines are similar to the doctrines ascribed to the Nigranthas in the Buddhist texts. They believed in soul`s existence and abstained from killing animals and destroying plants. Megasthenes calls them Brahmin probably because of purity of conduct and religious beliefs.

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