Consider the following matches:
1. Bhagat Movement – Mavji
2. Lingayat movement – Basava
3. Gaudiya Vaishnavism – Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
Which among the above is / are correct?

Answer: [D] 1, 2 & 3

Bhagat Movement is a religious movement among the Bhils scattered in 4 states of India viz.  Rajasthan, Gujarat, MP and Maharastra. Bhagat means a devotee. When one of the Bhils becomes a Bhagat he has to abstain from eating meat, eggs and drinking wine. He also does not accept bride price. The movement is 3 centuries old and oldest Bhagat considered to be is Mavji of Rajasthan. Mavji is considered to  be the 10th incarnation of Vishnu and had a large followership in Banswara and Dungarpur of Rajasthan.

The Lingayat movement is a socio-religious movement of Karnataka. its proponent was Basava, a minister of the Chalukya king Bijjala Raya of Kalyana (1157-68 AD). Virasaivism means the Saivism of the stalwarts or heroic Saivism.

The Virasaivas philosophy is called Saktivisistadvait a term which means the non-duality of God (viz, Parasiva) as qualified by power or Shakti. There is no duality between the soul and the Lord God. Lord God  and soul are in an inseparable union through the inalienable power called Shakti.

In Virasaivism Parama Siva is the supreme reality . He is of the nature of existence, intelligence and bliss. Shakti is the power which eternally resides in Parama-Siva as his inseparable attribute. It is the ultimate creative principal mula-prakriti or maya which evolves itself into the phenomenal universe

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