To curb the revenue deficit, one should advise the government to__:
1. cut expenditures on subsidy
2. cut social expenditures
3. impose import controls
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [A] Only 1 & 2

The government can curb the revenue deficit either by increasing revenue receipts or by decreasing revenue expenditure. Revenue expenditure can but reduced by a cut in social expenditures and subsidies. Since both ways have their own economic and political ramifications, government could never achieve what it was supposed to achieve as per the FRBM act. The FRBM act had mandated the government to eliminate revenue deficit by March 2008 (it was later shifted to March 2009). It has never been achieved. The act also mandates the government to place the three separate documents along with Budget documents viz. Macro-Economic Framework Statement, Medium-Term Fiscal Policy Statement and Fiscal Policy Strategy Statement. These statements every time reiterate the government vow to achieve FRBM targets.

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