Consider the following:
1. Barrackpore Mutiny
2. Vellore Mutiny
3. First Rampa Rebellion
Which among the following is the correct chronological order in which they took place?

Answer: [B] 2 1 3

Vellore Mutiny took place in 1806. Barrackpur is best known for two mutinies; one in 1824 and another in 1857. As per the records, the 26th, 47th and 62th battalions of the Native Infantry of the Bengal army were ordered to March to Chittagong and from there to board the ships to reach Rangoon to participate in the First Anglo Burmese War in October 1824. Indian Sepoys had taboo of going by sea and refused it. This triggered a mutiny in Barrackpore which was led by Binda. Similalry, there are two Rampa Rebellions. Rampa Rebellion of 1879 is the First Rampa Rebellion and second one is Rampa Rebellion of 1922-24. They took place in the current Vizag.

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