Consider the following statements:
1. The sulphur content in sour crude oil is higher in comparison to sweet crude oil
2. Brent crude oil is a sour crude oil
3. Most of Brent crude oil comes from North Sea
Which among the above statements is / are correct ?

Answer: [B] Only 1 & 3

The oil which contains sulphur amount less than 0.5% is called Sweet Crude Oil. If the Sulphur content is more than 0.5%, it will be called Sour Crude Oil. The Brent crude oil is having around 0.37% Sulphur and that is why Brent Crude Oil is a Sweet crude Oil.  Sweet Crude Oil is of High quality, low sulphur crude oil used for processing of gasoline. The more amount of Sulphur in sour crude makes it toxic, and production of Gasoline is more expensive in case of sour crude.

The word “sweet” since a gently sweet taste and pleasing aroma due to the little level of Sulfur gives the oil with. The Brent Crude Oil is a sweet crude oil mainly produced in North Sea.  It is largest of the several key classifications of crude oil comprising of Ekofisk, Brent Crude, Forties, Brent Sweet Light Crude and Oseberg. Its manufacturer also known as London Brent, Brent petroleum and Brent Blend.

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