In many ways, the Permanent Settlement of Lord Cornwallis was helpful for the East India Company. Which among the following was / were such merits?
1. The collection of revenue became certain and regular for the company
2. It had flexibility of Sale or the Sunset Law
3. It enhanced the company revenue substantially
Select the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [A] Only 1

Merits and Demerits of Permanent Settlement of Lord Cornwallis


  1. It secured British dominion in India.
  2. Collection of Revenue became certain and regular.
  3. It facilitated the method of collection of land revenue.
  4. Expenses of frequent assessment of land revenue were saved.
  5. It gave inducement to the agricultural improvement.
  6. Increase of trade industry and commerce.
  7. In accordance with the Canons of Taxation.
  8. There was a possibility of Increase in the Government income. (But this did not happen)
  9. It freed Company Officers to devote their time to other works.
  10. It gave popularity and economic stability to the British Government.
  11. Value of land increased.


  1. It over looked the interests of the poor peasants.
  2. It placed the cultivators on the mercy of the Zamindars.
  3. The rigidity of the Sale or the Sunset law unpopularised it.
  4. The Government could not enhance the amount of Land Revenue.
  5. The Zamindars made no improvements in the land.
  6. It created absentee land lords.
  7. It was uneconomic and defective.

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