Tropical Cyclones don’t form over equator and a distance from equator is needed for a tropical Cyclone to form. What could be the explanation for this?
1. Coriolis effect is weakest at equator
2. The air at equator has very high humidity
3. Winds are generally calm at Equator
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [A] Only 1

We can eliminate the second statement easily because high humidity is needed for formation of a tropical cyclone. The third statement is also incorrect and arbitrary. A distance from the Equator, which should be at least 555 km or 5 degrees of latitude, so that it allows the Coriolis Effect to deflect winds blowing towards the low pressure center and creating a circulation. Because the Coriolis effect initiates and maintains tropical cyclone rotation, tropical cyclones rarely form or move within about 5 degrees of the equator, where the Coriolis effect is weakest. Thus correct option is A.

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