Persons engaged in which among the following types of works would be called “Pink Collar” workers?

Answer: [C] Barbers

Red Collar Workers

Primary activities include activities such as hunting of animals, gathering of plant products such as fruits and nuts, obtaining minerals from the earth’s crust, fishing and harvesting of crops and trees. These activities are thus concerned with obtaining products from nature directly.  Due to the outdoor nature of their work, the people engaged in these activities are often called red-collar workers.

Blue Collar Workers

Secondary activities are concerned with addition of value to the already existing products by changing their form. These activities include processing and increasing the utility of the products of the primary activities. Examples of secondary activities include production of textiles by processing fibres obtained from animals or plants and production of steel goods by processing iron ore. Sometimes commercial farming is also included in this group of activities. This is so because the farmers engaged in commercial farming make use of hybrid seeds and modern technology in cultivation and harvesting to increase yields. However, not all geographers accept commercial farming a secondary activity. Workers engaged in the activities of secondary production are often called blue-collar workers.

Pink Collar Workers

Tertiary activities are concerned with providing service rather than production of tangible goods. These activities include a range of personal and business services, and they involve a rapidly growing number of workers in highly developed and diversified areas. These persons provide the services like those of retail clerks, barbers, secretaries, etc. They are said to be the workers who take in each other’s washing. People engaged in these activities called pink-collar workers.

White collar Workers

Quaternary services represent a special type of service work focussing on professional and administrative services. These activities include financial and health services, information processing, teaching and government services and entertainment services. Almost all activity related to quaternary services takes place in the office building environments or specialised environments like those provided by schools, hospitals, hotels, theatres etc. People engaged in these activities are called whitecollar workers.

Gold Collar Workers

Another type of economic activities, quinary activities, is also sometimes identified. The number of people engaged in these services remain generally small. They include the chief executives and other top management officers in the government as well as private services.

Researchers, legal authorities, financial advisors and professional consultants providing planning and problem solving services belong to the workers engaged in this category of economic activities. People engaged in such activities are sometimes called gold-collar workers. (Geography by Surrender Singh)

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