With reference to Cabinet system in India, which among the following is / are correct statements?

1. The Ministers of Cabinet Rank are appointed under Article 75 of Constitution of India

2. The proceedings of the cabinet are kept secret & Prime Minister presides the cabinet meeting

3. The Constitution of India has made provisions regarding maximum number of the Cabinet Ministers

Which among the above statements is / are correct?

Answer: [B] Only 1 & 2 are correct

Please note that the word “cabinet” has been used in Constitution of India only once that too under emergency provisions where in article 352 (2) says “The President shall not issue a Proclamation under clause (1) or a Proclamation varying such Proclamation unless the decision of the Union Cabinet (that is to say, the Council consisting of the Prime Minister and other Ministers of Cabinet rank appointed under article 75) that such a Proclamation may be issued has been communicated to him in writing.” Apart from that no provisions regarding Cabinet has been mentioned in constitution and that is why statement 3 is incorrect.

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