Identify a tribal clan / dynasty of India on the basis of the following information:
1. They formed an aristocratic republic which was controlled by notables, each of whom had equal control over administration
2. The system of Government was so efficient that Gautama Buddha organized Buddhist Sangha on its model
3. A princess of this clan was married to Gupta King Chandragupta I, who by then was a petty king, but later led to the foundation of a Imperial Gupta Dynasty of Magadha
Choose the correct option from the codes give below:

Answer: [B] Licchvi

Please further note that Licchvis, who were also known as Vrijjis  were subdued by Ajatshatru. They lost in history in the fourth and fifth century AD but the  name of Kumaradevi the Licchviduhitra is still written in golden letters in Indian History who married to Chandragupta I and witnessed the foundation of  great imperial Guptas. Please note that originally  Gupta dynasty was founded by Srigupta.

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