With reference to the inscriptions of Asoka, consider the following statements:
1. They used different scripts in different geographical locations
2. They used different languages in different geographical locations
Which among the above observations is/ are correct?

Answer: [C] Both 1 & 2

We all know that Asoka’s full name was Asokvardhana. But in his inscriptions he is always called Devnampiya or Pyadarshin, except in the Maski version of his minor Rock Edict I where along he is designated Devanampiya Asoka. So, statement 3 is eliminated. The inscriptions of asoka were for educating the common people and that is why they used the scripts which people could read. So, Greek and Aramaic were used in Qandhar and Jalalabad, Kharosthi was used in Shahbazgarhi and Manshera. Brahmi was used in all his inscriptions on rocks and pillars scattered all over India. So statement 1 is correct. Statement 2 is also correct because how the people in north wast would understand the language of the central India. However, one thing you can note that most asokan pillars are in Ardhamagadhi language.

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