Consider the following committees / commissions during British India:
1. Sargent Plan
2. MacDonnel Commission
3. Fraser Commission
4. Hartog Committee
Which among the above was / were related to Education?

Answer: [D] 1 & 4

The below tables lists some commission.

Charles Wood Despatch1854Lord DalhousieEducation
Hunter Commission1882Lord RiponEducation
Raleigh Commission1902Lord CurzonEducation
Sadler Commission1917Lord ChelmsfordEducation
Hartog Commission1929Lord IrwinEducation
Sargent Plan1944Lord WavellEducation
Campbell Commission1866Sir John LawrenceFamine
Stratchy Commission1880Lord Lytton ,Famine
Lyall Commission1886Lord d Elgin-IIFamine
MacDonnel Commission1900Lord CurzonFamine
Mansfield Commission1886Lord DufferinCurrency
Fowler Commission1898Lord Elgin-IICurrency
Babington Smith Commission1919Lord ChelmsfordCurrency
Hilton young Commission1939Lord LinlithgowCurrency
Chatfield Commission1939Lord LinlithgowArmy
Hunter Commission1919Lord ChelmsfordPunjab Disturbances
Fraser Commission1902Lord CurzonAgriculture
Butler Commission1927Lord IrwinIndian States
Whitley Commission1929Lord IrwinLabour
Sapru Commission1935Lord LinlithgowUnemployment
FIoud Commission1940Lord LinlithgowTenancy in Bengal

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