With reference to the unbalanced use of fertilizers in India, which among the following statements is/ are correct?
1. In India, Nitrogen fertilizers is used in higher amount comparison to potassium and phosphate
2. The price differentials is one of the main reason of unbalanced fertilizers usage in India
3. Heavy nitrogen fertilizers causes nitrate contamination of ground water
4. Nitrate cannot be removed once it has entered the underground water system

Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [D] 1, 2, 3 & 4

In India, Nitrogen applications tend to be too high in relation to the amount of potassium and phosphate used. This is partly the result of price differentials, and partly due to lack of knowledge among farmers about the need for balanced fertilizer use. The consequence is soil nutrient depletion, which is a major cause of the stagnation of rice yields. A related serious problem emerging out of the use of fertilizers is nitrate contamination of groundwater from heavy nitrogen applications in rice and wheat crops. Nitrate cannot be removed once it has entered the underground water system. Other problems include deficiency of trace elements because of intensive cultivation. All these factors have combined together to reduce soil fertility. Proper crop rotation, judicious combination of organic and chemical fertilizers and suitable agronomic practices will be helpful in this regard.

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