Which among the following was / were seats of Gana-Sanghas or Republican Oligarchies in the Pre-Maurya Era?
1. Kapilvastu
2. Vaishali
3. Kusinagara
4. Dwaraka

Select the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [B] Only 1, 2 & 3

The Ganasangha or republics were basically the tribal oligarchies. Important Pre Maurya Ganasangha were Shakyas of Kapilvastu, Lichachhavis of Vaishali, and Mallas of Kusinagara and Pava etc., which flourished in the middle of first millennium Be. The emergence of the Mauryan Empire marked the end of the gana-sanghas or oligarchies, in the Terai and northBihar as they were incorporated in the imperial system. However,  such oligarchies of Rajasthan, Punjab and other areas retained much of their identity even in the post-Mauryan period. Malavas, Arjunayana, Audumbara, Trigarta, Abhiras, Vrishni, Shibis, Agastyas and Yaudheyas etc., were the important Ganasangha of post-Mauryan period. Seat of Vrishni was Dwaraka.

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