Which of the following is/ are the primary criteria to select a site for Biosphere Reserve in India?
1. Minimum one protected mammal species of indigenous variety
2. Suitability for Research
3. Traditional tribal living

Select the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [C] Only 2

The primary criteria for selection of sites for Biosphere Reserves as laid down in the Guidelines issued by the Government are ,a site that must contain an effectively protected and minimally disturbed core area of value of nature conservation and should include additional land and water suitable for research and demonstration of sustainable methods of research and management and the core area should be typical of a biogeographical unit and large enough to sustain viable populations representing all trophic levels in the ecosystem. The secondary criteria are areas having rare and endangered species, areas having diversity of soil and micro-climatic conditions and indigenous varieties of biota and areas potential for preservation of traditional tribal or rural modes of living for harmonious use of environment.

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