Rashtriya Gokula Mission:
1. has been launched with focus on development and conservation of indigenous cattle breeds
2. is a sub-mission under National Livestock Mission
3. envisages establishment Gokul Grams
Which of the above statements is/are correct?

Answer: [B] Only 1 & 3

The “Rashtriya Gokul Mission” has been launched by the Government for conservation and development of indigenous breeds in a focused and scientific manner. The mission also envisages establishment of integrated cattle development centres “Gokul Grams” to develop indigenous breeds including upto 40% nondescript breeds. Rashtriya Gokul Mission is a focused project under National Programme for Bovine Breeding and Dairy Development, with an outlay of Rs. 500 crore during the last three years of Twelfth Five Year Plan.

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